EASIBED Equine Wood Bedding 20kg

EASIBED Equine Wood Bedding 20kg

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Easibed Equine Wood Bedding 20kg

This totally unique wood fibre bedding is clean and dust free which is loved by horses and their owners alike. Made from 100% recycled clean white wood, its texture and warmth provide a cosy comfy bed for your horse. The consistency of easibed means it gives a supportive and free-draining bed, allowing the wet to drain through to the base where it is absorbed, and leaving the top dry and comfortable.

Easibed is economical to use, easy to muck out and produces a smaller than usual muck heap, which can be recycled into your land. In addition, easibed has Organic Farmers & Growers certification, so it can also be spread on your land as part of an organic farming system. This super soft bedding is also ideal for a wide variety of poultry & small animals

Key Benefits

  • Unique equine bedding
  • Dust free
  • Supportive
  • Free Draining
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Size - 20kg bale

How To Use

Step 1: Start with a clean stable. If you have rubber matting, ensure this is clean and dry before laying easibed
Step 2: Add to a depth of at least six inches. Set the bed with a good quality shavings fork, so that it is level and firm
Step 3: Move your horse in and enjoy the benefits of a dust free environment for you and your horse
Step 4: Periodically remove all easibed, and clean and dry mats before laying fresh bedding