Forget Flies In-Feed Solution 1ltr

Forget Flies In-Feed Solution 1ltr

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Forget Flies In-Feed Solution uses innovative new technology and natural ingredients to repel flies!

Utilising the latest research, and innovative, patented technology, Forget Flies In-Feed Solution combines novel but naturally derived ingredients, ingested by the horse as part of the daily feed regime. During digestion, the active ingredients are absorbed through the gut wall, and into the blood vessels. These volatile organic oil compounds are then delivered via the vascular system to the skin, where extensive research in the USA and UK has shown that these compounds stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies and other ecto-parasites and biting insects, resulting in a significant repellent effect.

These effects are achieved through specific technology which transforms natural, sulphur-based compounds to deter flies from landing on the horse.

Benefits of Forget Flies In-Feed Solution

  • Highly palatable and 25mls easily mixed in daily feed.
  • Combines uniquely standardised polysulphides, naturally produced from garlic, MSM and methionine, using specialised patented technology, removing the significant variations found in straight garlic, to ensure optimum results every feed.
  • Unique molecular fingerprint polysulphides are ingested from the feed and absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Blood delivers natural organic volatile compounds to the skin.
  • Volatile compounds are released into the air around the horse and stimulate an adverse reaction in the sensory receptors of the flies.
  • Flies and other biting insects and ecto-parasites are repelled and don't land on the horse!
  • It also contains other key ingredients to support skin and coat health including organic zinc, cider vinegar and seaweed, at levels suitable to be fed with all other typical feed regimes.
  • Naturally derived product with patented technology, no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly.