Ultimate Poultry Mitey Xtra

Ultimate Poultry Mitey Xtra

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Ultimate Mitey Xtra

KM Elite Ultimate Mitey Powder contains aromatic plant extracts of clove & lemongrass, along with a blend of powerful herbs to support poultry following exposure to common environmental challenges. These specially selected ingredients help support the circulation and immunity of the bird, maintaining optimum health. Ideal for use where the external living area may be compromised.

Key ingredients

Nor-Mite® – a specially formulated mineral feed compound, a blend of aromatic plant extracts such as clove & lemongrass, proven to support the immunity of the chicken, with repellent properties against arthropods.

Turmeric – supports the digestive system, as well as the liver & kidney’s, particularly important to chickens exposed to external challenges.

Fenugreek – offers additional support to the immune system, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

Feeding Instructions

‘Ultimate Mitey Xtra’ has been formulated for small flocks of between 3 & 12 chickens. If you have a larger flock, you will need to increase the feed rate to suit the numbers of chickens you have.  Mix one teaspoon with normal daily feed. If required increase temporarily to one tablespoon for 2-3 days if significant threat present.


Nor-Mite®, Diatomaceous Earth, Rosemary Powder, Oregano Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Turmeric Powder, Grapeseed powder, Oatmeal.

Moisture 5%
Ash 89.5%
Oil <0.3%
Protein <0.6%
Fibre 0.2%
Sodium <1%
Magnesium <1%

Keep out of reach of children.    For animal use only.    Store in cool, dry conditions, out of direct sunlight.