Provimilk Daisy Calf Milk Replacer

Provimilk Daisy Calf Milk Replacer

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The ProviMilk Daisy Calf Milk is a readily consumed whey based milk powder, suitable for both dairy and beef calves. This easy mixing milk contains high levels of dairy protein with moderate amounts of non-milk proteins, important for calves that are just starting out in the world. Only raw materials of the best quality are used, with natural flavours and sweeteners, proving to be a delicious and healthy milk for calves. With a balanced blend of vegetable oils that are fully homogenised and emulsified, digestion will be improved and optimum gut health will be achieved. For energetic, lively calves and trouble free rearing, ProviMilk Daisy is the best choice for you.

Mixing Recommendations:

- Mix 125g or 150g of powder with 875ml or 850ml of water to make 1 litre of the mixed milk.
- Add two thirds of the volume of the hot clean water (55 degrees Celsius) into a clean bucket.
- Weigh the powder and add it to a bucket of hot clean water. Mix thoroughly with a whisk until smooth and in suspension.
- Add the remaining one third of cool clean water to make up the required total of lites and mix again thoroughly.
- Check the temperature of the mixed milk using a thermometer and feed required amount to the calf immediately.
- In addition to milk replacer, calves should have ad libitum access to fresh calf starter, clean water and forage.

Suitable for: Dairy and beef calves, home bred or purchased calves, batch rearing calves under contract, Economical cool ad-lib feeding. Once and twice a day bucket feeding.